Premier Equine Magni-Teque Magnetdecke

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Premier Equine Magnetdecke kann behilflich sein, Schmerzen und Entzündungen zu lösen und die Gesundheit generell fördern.
Die Magnete stimulieren der Zirkulation und fördern eine gute Durchblutung. Es kann also auch für die Aufwärmung vor und Abkühlung nach dem Reiten verwendet werden. Nur auf trockenen Pferden verwenden!

Abwischbarer Polyester mit antibakterielles Innenfutter
Fixierte bipolare Magnete an allen wichtigen Stellen
Optimale Aufwärmung der Muskeln vor allen Übungen und Turnieren
Optimale Abkühlung und Entspannung nach allen Übungen und Turnieren
Kann den Heilungsprozess von Verletzungen um bis zu 1/3 kürzen
Erhöht die Blutzirkulation und reduziert das Entzündungsrisiko
30 Minuten – 1 Stunde am Tag in der ersten Woche, stetig aufgebaut bis maximal 4 Stunden am Tag nach 2 Wochen
Empfehlung: Das Pferd sollte während der Behandlung mit der Magnetdecke angebunden sein.
Kein Waschen notwendig – einfach nur abwischen!
WARNUNG: Nicht bei Trächtigkeit, auf offenen Wunden oder in der Nähe von Herzschrittmachern einsetzen! Sollten Symptome bestehen bleiben und keine Besserung zeigen, konsultieren Sie den Tierarzt!

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Premier Equine's Magnetic Horse Rug can help to reduce pain and inflammation as well as improve your horse's overall wellbeing.
Magnets have been stitched into the neck cover and the rug around main muscle groups in the horse's body. These magnets can help to increase blood flow, which boasts a whole range of health benefits. Our magnetic rug can be used before exercise to help properly warm your horse and after exercise to ensure they cool down slowly.

Magnetic Rug Key features...
Soft breathable mesh rug lined on the wither and shoulder with antibacterial nylon lining
164 magnets stitched within the rug. 74 magnets stitched within the neck cover
Each magnet is a 600 Gauss high energy flexible ferrite magnet with 50mm plume field zone
Magnets have been fixed in the correct locations by the experience of USA experts
Can be used before exercise to warm muscles
Can be used after exercise, ensuring muscles cool down slowly (only after horse has returned to a normal temperature and is dry. Do not use on sweaty/wet horses)
Can decrease healing time by up to one third
Enhances circulation and can reduce inflammation
Use 30 minutes to 1 hour per day for the first week and gradually build up to a maximum of 4 hours a day after 2 weeks
Treatments can be split, although through experience we normally find that the optimum treatment time is between 1 and 4 hours depending on treatment or injury and on the horse itself
Horses should be tied up whilst being treated with this rug
Cannot be used whilst the horse is exercising. Horse must be at rest with a regular heart rate
Hand wash only in cool water with mild soap/non-bio liquid. Rinse thoroughly and dry naturally
Magnetic rugs for horses - Endorsed by vets & trainers worldwide
Combing USA’s technology in magnets with our experience in horse rugs and boots we have enjoyed worldwide success in all disciplines of the equine industry and helped many a top race horse, event horse, dressage horse, etc. to keep training and competing with the aid of our Magnet Therapy Products. Premier Equine's Magni-Teque range has also been endorsed by veterinary practices for the purpose of healing after surgery.

WARNING do not use on the following...
Open wounds
During pregnancy (ladies)
Mares in foal
Near pacemakers
ALWAYS remember if symptoms persist call your vet!

Why use magnetic horse rugs? The following benefits have been reported…
Improved circulation - Reduced muscle tension - Aids recovery of muscle fatigue - Stimulation of tissue oxygen supply - Soothes skeletal aches - Eliminates toxins - Aids cell renewal - Reduces inflammation - Reduces pain - Enhances healing - Alleviates symptoms of arthritis & rheumatism - Stimulates production of elastin & collagen which is essential for the development of new cells - Regenerates damaged tissue

Endorsement of Magnet Rug by Claire Phillips MA Vet MB Cert AVP (ESO) MRCVS of Wright & Morten Veterinary Surgeons
We had a horse with a post-operative myopathy, a condition where the large muscles of the back and hind quarters become cramped and very painful following a general anaesthetic, which, despite receiving full medicinal treatment and supportive therapy, was taking longer than normal to respond. As part of an intense nursing protocol over the weekend the on duty vet decided to add in her Premier Equine Magnetic Rug to try to improve the circulation to the horse's peripheral tissues to improve the muscle recovery. 12 hours later the horse was able to bear weight on the leg and was starting to eat. 24 hours later the horse was full weight bearing and walking round his stable comfortably. He was back to being a bright and healthy horse, we were able to reduce his pain relief and intensity of medicinal support as a result of this significant improvement. We were all very impressed with this speed of improvement and feel that the rug significantly aided the recovery of the horse, along with medicinal support. We will now be using this product routinely in all post-operative larger horses as a result of this case. He is now home with his owner and appears to be doing well.

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